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Things I’ve made, of late (by me, Heather)

(makes airplane noise with mouth)  HI YOU GUYS!  We’re flying across the country this weekend for festive, fancy family times!  In a short few days, I’ll have a brand new uncle!  (I hope to have pictures…when reviewing our fancy-times outfits, Adrian said, “Wait, will this work?  You’re going to look like Strawberry Shortcake, and I’m going to look like Johnny Cash…”  “Yes, please,” I said.)

Okay, first, mother’s day, yes yes?  We have many a mom idea, to which you are ALWAYS welcome!

Next, I thought you MIGHT want to see some things I’ve made, of late!  Are you ready?  These are pretty great!

from Not Martha! (Not my jars--mine were brownish. :( )First of all, remember the sun jars I found on StumbleUponThe ones on Not Martha?  Well!  I made some!  My mother in law is super-gardeny…she has a fantastic back yard, a big, beautiful covered patio…solar lanterns made by Adrian and me are a CINCH for Mother’s Day!  (Additionally, the solar lighty bits I found had a coppery edge…which looked lovely through the Krylon glass frost spray…which was supposed to be white, but was ACTUALLY a coppery brown (sad face).  (Emails to Krylon have not been returned (mad/sad face).)  Anyway: solar lanterns!  Fun, easy, and awesome!

And THEN!  I noticed that Not Martha had instructions to make a felty dahlia corsage-brooch!  A) The brooch she made is GORE-JUS; B) I have a friend named Dahlia!  and C) while I would NOT give a sharp and pointy pin of any kind to our friend Dahlia, who is, like, You can tell this one's mine, because of the...soft focus.six months old…I WOULD give a pin to her mom, Becky, with whom we are fortuitously ALSO friends!  So I rocked a felty dahlia pin, and now want to make a hundred million of them!  (Not Martha has posted an update to the original brooch post, with further tips and ideas…she’s awesome like that.  I hereby officially recruit Not Martha’s Megan into Imaginary Girl Gang (makes mental note to ask Francine Rippy to pick up a corsage for induction ceremony).)

Aaaaand then I made fresh garbanzo hummus!  It was delish!  I kind of sort of used this recipe…I boiled a cup and a half of shelled fresh garbanzos (almost a pound, unshelled) in salty water for 12 minutes or so, then stick-blendered ‘em up with a rough quarter cup of almond butter, a few cloves of garlic that had been roasted in a hot, dry pan on top of the stove, a fat wedge of preserved lemon, some extra lemon juice (til it tasted right), some Penzey’s Turkish seasoning, olive oil til it was as glorpy as I wanted, and then salt to taste (not so much, DU2 the preserved lemons and Turkish seasoning).  Then olive oil on top, and red pepper flakes!  Delish!  Superfast (well…once the beans were shelled)!  Greenish, DU2 fresh garbanzos!  Which are, let’s review, $1.99 a pound!

THEN I made reservations at The Gorbals!  (Well, technically, Sasha V. made them.)  Here is a short quiz, to ascertain whether or not you’d enjoy dinner at The Gorbals:

1.  Would you be happy to find yourself at a restaurant where you could order half a roasted pig’s head?  (Bye, vegan friends!)  (Yes?  Go!  (Pig’s head takes an extra 60-90 minutes.))

2.  Did you watch the Top Chef season when Ilan Hall won?  (Yes?  Go!  He’s chef-owner!  And will probably bring you some of your food!  Possibly in a sparkly shirt!)

3.  Are you okay heading into a rather sketchy part of downtown?  (Yes?  Go!  It’s in the Alexandria Hotel!  Old, beautiful, and sketchy as hell!)

Bonus round:  4a) Do you know what poutine is?  4b) If you don’t, and you order something called “Banh mi poutine,” and are presented with NOT a samwich, but a tricked-out plate of fries, will you be aghast and outraged?

Aaaand then on the way home, we stopped for vegan ice cream (welcome back, vegan friends!), topped with salted caramel so good that I plan on returning to ask how much they’ll charge me to pour a vat over my head, all “You Can’t Do That On Television” style (raise your hand if you thought Alasdair was dreamy).

Okay!  (Makes airplane arms, runs in small circles)  We’ve got family with whom to hobnob!  Everyone have good weekends, have lovely Mother’s Days, and everyone make something!

Reader Comments (6)

I'm glad to hear that Kindkreme is good! I sadly have forgotten to check it out (so far).

May 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterD

Thank you for a chocolatey bookly fabulous Mother Day!

May 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMommers

happy mother day, leetle mom! (kiss noise)

May 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterH.

p.s. D, even as we were waiting in line at kindkreme, adrian was saying, "we're TOTALLY brining D&K here." because it's also a restaurant? which is called sage? and not kindkreme? plus, the sign out front clearly says it's some sort of medical facility. BUT STILL!

May 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterH.

Noah's Canadian so he totes knows what poutine is! And happy mom day to the moms!

May 9, 2011 | Unregistered Commentervee bee jay

it's funny, i'd say most of the negative reviews of the gorbals on yelp involve some variation on, "the menu says 'banh mi poutine!' but when they bring it, it's not a sandwich! it's a big pile of french fries! they should totally tell you that!" and in my head, i'm all, "they totally did and you are stupid."

May 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterH.

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